Cronometer and Nutrient Density – The Year of Health Day 10, June 2021

Cronometer and Nutrient Density – The Year of Health Day 10, June 2021

Yesterday I mentioned that I would start tracking my diet in Cronometer. Cronometer encourages you to not just count your calories but to focus on your nutrition as a whole.



I have done this today (for yesterday’s food), and it has reminded me why I wanted to do this experiment. You can think you are eating well, but actually you are lacking in several critical nutrients! 


Here’s what I ate yesterday and then below the nutrients as tracked in Cronometer. 


Breakfast: Coffee with coconut cream, chia pudding made with chia seeds, coconut milk, desiccated coconut, raisins and blueberries. Below I have posted my chia pudding recipe for you. 


Lunch: Ham salad with carrots, green cabbage, fresh parsley and basil, avocado, mayo, extra-virgin olive oil. Fresh blueberries. 


Dinner: BBQ’d chicken shawarma, Jersey new potatoes, tomato, cucumber and fresh mint salad with lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil. Organic red wine x 2 glasses.  


Snacks: Coconut flakes, chargrilled artichokes, gherkins, pickled onions, sun-blushed tomatoes, coffee with coconut cream. 


Overview – you can see here that I am low in several very important nutrients!


Carbohydrates and Fibre – you can see in the chart below that I ate nearly 28g of fibre, and less than 100g of carbohydrate. This would count as a ‘moderate’ carb level rather than low carb. I am happy with the amount of fibre. 


Omega 3 to Omega 6 Ratio – the only thing I am really worried about with fat is my omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. I am happy that my omega 3 intake was reasonable (although this is probably from the chia seeds – where the omega 3 is not very bioavailable). 


Protein – according to the Ketoflex guidelines, I should be aiming for around 0.8 – 1.0g of protein per kg of bodyweight. I wouldn’t mind if I was eating more than this as I am not focused on getting into ketosis. However, you can see that I was about on target – I weigh 52kg and I ate roughly 46g of protein. I consumed over 100% of all essential amino acids. 


Vitamins – I was surprised at how low I was in some vitamins and minerals. I ate 10 different types of fruit and veg over the course of the day, But I am still low in vitamin B1, B12 and folate, vitamin D and E. When I had my PreCODE report done it highlighted that my vitamin D levels were very low (16.5ug/nl) so I must get on and purchase a high-quality vitamin D supplement. 


Minerals – I was under the RDA in calcium, iron and magnesium. I already supplement with magnesium, but I need to be careful to ensure I am getting enough calcium and iron. When dairy is removed from the diet it is hard to get enough calcium, unless you are eating very specific foods such as tinned fish with the bones. I may add back in some Parmesan cheese as it is high in both bioavailable calcium and vitamin K2. 

So there we have it. Even while eating 10 portions of fruit and veg and making an effort to optimise my nutrition, you can see it is hard to eat 100% of the RDA of every nutrient. 


I’ll be making an effort to add in more eggs, red meat, fresh herbs and to keep up with lots of fruit and veg over the next few days. 




Today’s suggestion from Action for Happiness is: Bring Joy to Others by Doing Something Kind for Them. 


My 9 year old daughter Olive LOVES to read and she has been saying the last few days that she has read all of the books she owns at least twice, so I decided to go and choose a new book for her. I chose Rose Rivers by Jacqueline Wilson as she loves the Hetty Feather series. I hope this brings her a little moment of joy / happiness today.  


Taking in the Good (write down three good things that have happened or that you have noticed)

  • Picking weeds and herbs from the garden to make a garden foraged frittata. 
  • Having my haircut (it’s over a year since I last had it cut).
  • Walking my dog and taking in the stunning views over the Kent countryside.


What good things will you remember about today, the only Thursday 10th June 2021 we will ever have?


Until tomorrow,


Chloe x


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