Day 18: Low Histamine Diet Plan, June 2021

Day 18: Low Histamine Diet Plan, June 2021

Today it’s day 18 of my “year of health” project and my commitment (to myself) to blog every day. I’m working on optimising my health over the course of one year, to share my insights with my readers, and this month I am focusing on my nutrition.


Yesterday I wrote about my issues with histamine intolerance, and today I have been working on a Low Histamine Meal Plan. I’ve created a one week low-histamine diet to try – you can download it for free here or by clicking the image below:

FREE: Low Histamine Diet Plan


I hope it might be useful to you if you are suffering from symptoms related to histamine intolerance or seasonal allergies.


You can read yesterdays blog post about Histamine Intolerance here. 


A short post today as I have been at work in London, and spent too much time making this meal plan when I got home to have any time to blog!!


Until tomorrow,


Chloe x


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