Day 24: Vitamin D & Co-Factors Protocol, June 2021

Day 24: Vitamin D & Co-Factors Protocol, June 2021

Since finding out my vitamin D levels were very low, I have been researching the best way to go about raising my levels.


I have been aware of the Facebook group Vitamin D & Co-factors. UK for a while, and have decided to start on their protocol which you can find below:


“We suggest starting off with these amounts each day and getting your levels tested again, after a few months, or around early Spring, when natural levels are lowest.


5,000iu of vitamin D3


Take with food, preferably breakfast. This is a decent one, but any 5,000iu softgel is likely okay: softgels/152303


500mg of elemental magnesium (at least!)


Take between meals preferably throughout the day 3 level teaspoons of MAG365 ionic magnesium citrate will meet the minimum daily requirement. Using the code DWELLNESS will give you a 30% discount on the MAG365 site.


The ionic magnesium citrate is the one in green pots, there are 2 sizes and 3 flavour options available.


500mcg of vitamin K2 mk7


A scoop of this provides 400mcg, so ideally you want a scoop and a quarter, or for anyone with gram scales – 340mg. To be taken with food, ideally breakfast or lunch. Some people may find sleep affected if taken too late in the evening. aaxitk=OikCDoGkNi4RvoUGmmtHww&ref=dacx_dp_1518487640502_38874 11340302&fbclid=IwAR3042A7cxfolitzE1UmNV7Ozl5mirT3Ai0eta1RdbZdSq ddFsvbjgnv2dA


3 to 6 mg of boron


Take with water (with or without food) at any time.


The above are the essentials for starting with vit D.


What follows are other important considerations when supplementing long term:


Vitamin A is important to add if taking vit D for a prolonged length of time.


Omega 3 will help uptake a lot but isn’t strictly essential.


We suggest getting sorted with magnesium and k2 mk7 before adding either, although it is fine to introduce them at any point..


Omega 3s are most effective from animal sources, as vegetable sources tend to be in a form that the body cannot convert easily into something it can use, although omega 3 derived from algae is fine. Up to 2,000mg is therapeutic, although 500mg may suffice.


10,000iu of Vitamin A


With evening meal. This is a good form of vitamin A and is derived from cod liver oil. Vegetarians and vegans will need to use synthetic forms, such a retinyl acetate, or for those who have never smoked, retinyl palmitate. Beta carotene is not suitable for anyone.


500 to 2,000mg Omega 3 oil/fatty acids


With breakfast or any meal.


I have struggled over which to recommend here, the Naturplus ones, linked to below are nice, good quality supplements that, being krill oil, also have the advantage of containing astaxanthin. There are many more affordable omega 3 fish oils, such as the Nu U ones.”


Red Krill Oil Capsules, 500mg – Omega 3 Krill Oil High Phospholipids, DHA, EPA

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