Day 43: Gut Health Meal Tips (TYOH, July 2021)

During July I am doing everything I can to optimise my gut health. I’ve gathered the below recommendations from my 8-week Restore Your Gut programme. 



Mealtime plays a major role in the health of your gut. This is why it’s so important to understand some basic mealtime principles.


  1. When working to restore your gut health, your goal should be to make the food on your plate easy for your body to digest. Remember, your stomach does not have teeth; therefore, you must chew until your food is liquid before swallowing it. By doing this, you’re boosting nutrient absorption and reducing your digestive system’s workload. 


  1. The simpler your meal is, the easier it is for your body to digest. Most people who suffer from digestive distress have less stomach acid, and stomach acid is necessary for properly breaking down foods. So if your meals are complex, you’re not chewing properly, and you have low stomach acid, your digestive system is going to have to go into overdrive just to break down and assimilate your foods.


  1. A great meal should include a protein and a fat with your choice of vegetables including some greens and a side of fermented veggies. You should aim to keep starches and protein separate, but if you need more carbs, have a complex-carbohydrate such as a sweet potato / baked potato. 


  1. If you’re seeing undigested food in your stools, reduce roughage foods or puree them into soups. Try softer veggies, such as butternut squash and carrots. Undigested food in your stools means your food is not digesting properly. 


  1. When eating, don’t over-eat until your body is 100% full. Aim to stay at 70% full with 30% room left for optimal digestion. 

  1. In addition, fresh is always best from your own kitchen. If you are eating out, make informed choices. Ask your server questions – is the meal made with gluten? Was it steamed, sautéed, baked, etc.? Stick to the basics and stay away from sauces with unknown ingredients.


  1. If you’re bloated, add ginger tea or lemon water in between meals to naturally enhance your digestive enzymes. 


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