Sunday Reflections – The Year of Health Day 13, June 2021

Sunday Reflections – The Year of Health Day 13, June 2021

Today is day 7 of 28 of optimising my nutrition so I thought I would reflect on the last 7 days. 


For the 28 days I am focusing on boosting the nutrient-density of my diet, as well as avoiding all gluten, grains and sugar. I am going to try to include wild foods daily, eat 6-9 types of vegetables every day and will be using the ketoflex food pyramid to create my meals. 


I originally planned to avoid dairy as well, but after tracking in Cronometer I realised I was very low in calcium. 

I decided to add in Parmesan cheese (it is high in both calcium and vitamin K2) so that I make sure I am not low in calcium. 


I generally avoid gluten anyway, but I am not 100% strict. When I do eat gluten, within an hour I feel TERRIBLE. I get extreme fatigue and lethargy, headaches and feel like I’m coming down with the flu. It’s horrible. I haven’t been tested for gluten-intolerance, but I think I must be intolerant as I react so badly to it. 


Having now had no gluten or grains for the past week, and no refined sugar either, I am definitely feeling some benefits. 


  • Zero cravings for sugar over the last few days.
  • Food has tasted noticeably more delicious! 
  • Less bloating.
  • No digestive upset. 
  • Steady energy all day. 
  • Clear skin. 
  • Positive mood 🙂 


What hasn’t improved is my sleep. Sleep is one thing I really struggle with. I have always been a light sleeper, I wake up multiple times during the night and often feel like I’ve barely slept. I know that drinking alcohol doesn’t help. 


I’m hoping that my sleep will start improving this week. I know in the past when i have improved my diet, I usually start sleeping better. My energy levels don’t seem to be affected by lack of sleep at least. 


Later on this year I am going to dedicate a month to exploring strategies we can use to improve sleep. 


Last week I managed to eat at least 6 types of fruit & veg every day, most days it was 10+ (including fresh herbs). This week I am going to try and include more nutrient-dense foods. Liver, eggs, red meat, mushrooms and greens. 




Today’s suggestion from Action for Happiness is: Take a Light Hearted Approach. Choose to see the funny side. 


I must admit, I am quite a serious person and I do sometimes struggle to take a light hearted approach. I hate the negativity bias we all suffer from, and I have to work hard everyday to not let it be too dominant. 


I googled “how to be less serious” and found this little list. I love a list! 


  1. Rock Up In Your PJ’s
  2. Put down your phone at the park
  3. Camp out in the living room
  4. Listen to a funny podcast
  5. Record your funny stories
  6. Say yes to uncomfortable things
  7. Ride your bike
  8. Ignore the mess and do something you love
  9. Eat popcorn and watch a kids movie
  10. Stop worrying about the future and engage in now


I love the last one. It’s the thing that most helps me to feel less serious and happier. Taking in the good also really helps. So here are my good things about today:


Taking in the Good (write down three good things that have happened or that you have noticed)


  • Watching my daughter horse riding – she is just learning to canter and it was so lovely to see how proud she looked when she managed to get the pony she was riding to canter. 
  • Thoroughly enjoying my Pilates workout this morning. 
  • Drinking tea in the sunshine in the garden, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face feels blissful. 


What good things will you remember about today, the only Sunday 13th June 2021 we will ever have?


Until tomorrow,


Chloe x


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