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The Talking about Health Community

Join my community Talking about Health which brings together women wanting to up level their health – to support each other in making healthy lifestyle choices – so that we can succeed in our goals, feel amazing and live our best life!


Episode 3: Gut Health: Healthy Gut = Healthy You

In this episode I talk about how to have a healthy gut:
1. How we eat
2. What we eat
3. Support digestion

The 4 P’s
Probiotics, prebiotics, polyphenol, postbiotics

5. Antimicrobials

And I share my ultimate gut health smoothie recipe!

Episode 2: Healing Diets and Healthy Ageing: Ketoflex 12/3, Wahls, Autoimmune Protocol

In this episode I discuss healing diets and the evidence behind them:

1. Dr Bredesen’s ReCODE Protocol for the reversal of cognitive decline
2. The Wahls Protocol & Swank Diet for Multiple Sclerosis
3. The Autoimmune Protocol for reducing symptoms in autoimmune disease including Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
4. Dr Kara Fitzgerald’s Methylation Diet for healthy ageing
5. Weston Price and Nutrivore



Episode 1: Welcome to Talking about Health

My first episode! I talk about my nutrition philosophy and give my thoughts about food and a healthy diet.